What are all the various things to do in Guernsey?


Guernsey is actually the most popular island in the English Channel near to the large coast of French. If you would like to visit this beautiful island, then there are so many places in Guernsey to visit and enjoy with your dear one. The coast of this island is the greatest draw for huge numbers of visitors. However, this little island includes so many other temptations.

Different places to visit in Guernsey:

  • Castle Cornet – Everyone can explore this 800 year old castle and you can see the 5 different museums here. Similarly, there are 4 period gardens and you can feel free here to enjoy the various ranges of the attractions.
  • Wander round the town center market – The visitors to this Guernsey island should need to take a look around the market which set in the most wonderful range of the town center of the Saint Peter Port.

Castle Cornet

  • Old Government House – Treat in afternoon tea at this place where you can taste the delicious and also traditional tea than the hotels near this area.
  • Hauteville House – Everyone can be amazed when you are seeing this Hauteville House which is popular French writer Victor Hugo’s house during his time. He lived there for 14 years and now it has become the famous tourist spot in Guernsey.
  • Go on the historic self-guided walk – If you want to have a wonderful walk on the roads and streets of Guernsey island, you can have the self guided walk and you will also get the wonderful foods. During this walk, you can see the guernsey attractions and stunning sceneries. Everyone is highly suggested to have at least 1 hour walk to look at the historic gardens, sea front and also bombings.
  • Bluebell Woods – The visitors can take a stroll through this area especially during the spring time. The woodland floor during the spring becomes the carpet of the bluebells. This is why everyone can have the wonderful walk on this beautiful setting.
  • Military museum – You can discover the La Vallette underground and this museum offers a wide array of displays, exhibitions and also information on the World War One & two and also the German Occupation of island.

  • Adrenaline rush – The Guernsey visitors can feel better and enjoy the adrenaline rush between the islands in RIB open.
  • Victoria Tower – You can climb to the top of the Victoria Tower and you can take a walk through the stairs and reach the highest point in the St Peter Port.
  • St James Concert Hall – This concert hall actually provides this island with the versatile and unique venue that plays host to the stunning array of activities in order to cover the tastes of the various visitors.
  • Candie Gardens – It is one of the guernsey points of interest and it offers the fantastic views over the St Peter Port.


Likewise, there are more than 40 things to do in the Guernsey island and enjoy with your friends and family.