Know about the free things to do in oxford


Oxford is a most celebrated and oldest university town in Europe and it has tons of city attractions like Carfax tower which presents you superb views over city and it is having historic covered market along with its excellent shopping. If you are a harry potter fan then you might be interested to know about various oxford landmarks which is appeared in movies like Christ Church college. Oxford high street is lined with the magnificent buildings and it was described by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

What are the things you can do in oxford for free?

If you are seeking for the things to do in oxford for free then you can do below things which includes

  • Ancient pubs
  • Radcliffe square and sheldonian theatre
  • Cowley road
  • Oxford university historic college
  • The ashmolean museum
  • The pitt river and natural history museums

Aristocratic Christ church

Christ church is one of the largest oxford’s college which was founded in the year of 1525 by Cardinal Wolsey. Radcliffe square is perfect home to old schools quadrangle and you might also explore magnificent divinity school. At the same time great hall design is based on the best replica of oxford famous Christ church. Blackwell is largest and academic bookseller in UK which is featuring over three miles of the book shelf space.

In oxford, each college is having its own unique character and it is always worth to see what lies inside this kind of mysterious buildings. Quintessential oxford activity is one of the best ways to see city riverside sights. If you are visiting oxford for first time then you are always advisable to visit museums because it has fascinating archaeological and anthropological collection.

Corn is considered as oxford’s busiest shopping street and it has many department stores and big brand shops. Actually it is home to the historic golden cross arcade which is famous for its jewelry shops and craft.

Abingdon is best and charming town on banks of river. It has huge numbers of the interesting churches and houses which includes old two story county hall. You can also stay in hotel to explore oxford. You can also take advantage on the oxford free attractions to save your money.

Everything to know about oxford city attractions

Aristocratic Christ church is most impressive and largest oxford colleges which were built in 1525. Suppose you are visiting with the children then you can ask for the wind up treasure trail and torch in order to seek out mice hidden among displays. Majority of the library could be closed to public but you can book extended tour so you might get access to the Duke Humphrey’s medieval library so you can get excellent traveling experience.


There are excellent numbers of the reasons are there to visit oxford such as sail down the isis, architecture is unparalleled, museums, home to original bens cookies and stay in the real castle. Majority of the scenes in harry potter films which might take place around and in Hogwarts was filmed in oxford.