Best Hair Salons In London

best hair salons in London

No matter if you want to go for a quick trim colour change or a top to bottom get up renewal; it is always best to consult an expert when it comes for your hair, especially if you’d like to do model haircuts, like bob haircuts,¬†protective hairstyles or modern shag haircut, check Therighthairstyles for examples.

That is why you need to always select the best London hairdressers in order to get the job in hand done.

But as we all know that there are a huge number of options available for the people when looking for a hair salon, we have listed some of the best hair salons that you can visit in the city of London.

You can easily choose any of these places in order to get your hair in shape.

best London hairdressers

Larry King

This surely is one of the hottest names in the list when we are talking about the hair professionals in London. He is one of the most popular star hair stylists and is known to have worked with a number of celebrities. The hair stylist is famous for the beautifully structured hair cuts that he does along with the popularity that he has earned in cutting curls.

You can feel free to seek his services and visit his salon that is situated in south ken. This hair salon will surely offer you the vibes like a lounge with the perfect lighting and cocktail trolley as well. Here you will be easily able to catch all those Instagram worthy moments in your cameras.


This is another excellent choice to consider when you are heading out to get something done with your very own hair. The salon is located on the barners street, and their flagship is said to break the salon rule books. It is not only one of the hair salons in London but also is said to be best in the world. Along with all styling, colour and cuts, they are providing to the clients, and the hersheons are also famous for the cool girl hairstyles.

The specialty of these hairstyles is that not only they are easy to be worn, but also comes with an extra edge of effortless luxury for sure. You are allowed to book in all the services that you wish to get. The salon is open from eight in the morning to eight at night; that is why it is always a good choice for all your pre and post work hairdressing appointments.

hairdressing salons in London

George Northwood

If you are going to consider getting a drastic cut, the man you need to consult is George Northwood. He runs one of the most prominent hairdressing salons in London and is known for the kind of services that he offers to the clients. The stylist is responsible behind creating many epic and amazing hairstyles and is known to be a wizard with the scissors.

His team works as efficiently as him, and there is no other person you should consider to take you from your long hair to the short hair because he is best at what he does and you will never regret taking the services from him.