Why does London attract people?


There are certain cities where people flood in to discover, work or live together in a melting pot of cultures from all corners of the globe. London offers a fascinating picture as one of the 21st century economic powerhouses-one that is steeped in tradition without missing the future. It’s among the few cities that can take you through the past thousands of years, and still encourage you to explore what the future holds for you. There’s enough creativity and technology around to leave you spellbound, but those hundred-year – old stories still end up being your tour highlight.

You do have to pick from a diverse range of nightclubs, bars and restaurants, and reasons why London attracts people.


London has always been associated with the fashion world. It has many beauty salons, stylists and fashion specialists. Many of the world’s biggest fashion brands ever seen have made their humble beginnings in this iconic region. London was also responsible for getting in numerous avant-garde artists.

Significant Shopping Experiences

London is a paradise for the real shopper. The fashion scene is unparalleled but it’s not just the city that excels in fashion. It also offers one of your life’s greatest shopping adventures, experiences ranging from the luxurious environments of world-renowned department stores like Selfridges and Harrods to secret flea markets and antique shops that claim to be a treasure trove of quirky collectibles. The city also hosts a variety of bloggers via their fashion and lifestyle pages, helping you find the most inspired items. There are many other things which engage tourists to visit London.

Endless Visits

Whatever the length of your life in London, there’s still something new to see and discover. London hosts all sorts of attractions that match all sorts of tastes, and something exciting is always going on in the area. London features many parks, museums, cultural events and experiences and there’s no need to get bored, no matter how long you ‘re planning to stay here. London is full of things to do, no matter the time of the day or the year. There’s plenty for all kinds of people, from famous landmarks like the Buckingham Palace and Big Ben to more than 170 museums, from countless parks to trendy cafes.

Exclusive food


London’s cuisine is as diverse as its history. The city draws people from all over the world, and each community leaves its mark on the food scene in London. Here, Sunday lunches are big affairs. London has just about something for everyone from the street markets to Michelin-starred restaurants. British cuisine is equally good. It often gets a bad name, but the way London looks at classic British classics could really shift.